Full DSST Official Preparation Guide Ebook

Prometricâ„¢, the DSST program provider, has reviewed the content of the DSST Official Test Preparation Guide and found this study guide to be an excellent reflection of the respective DSST tests.

This full eBook includes preparation on these 10 subjects: Introduction to World Religions, Here's to Your Health, Principles of Statistics, Criminal Justice, Personal Finance, Management Information Systems, Ethics in America, Principles of Supervision, Introduction to Business, and Principles of Finance.

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The full DSST eBook above includes all 10 of the individual eBook preparation guide subjects listed below. If you need preparation for more than 2 of the subjects, take advantage of the savings and buy the full eBook for only $24.95!

Introduction to World Religions

Introduction to World Religions covers topics such as dimensions and approaches to religion, primal religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Shintoism, Hellenic and Roman traditions, and Scientology.

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Here's to Your Health

Here's to Your Health covers human development and relationships, fitness and nutrition, disease and prevention, consumer awareness, psychological disorders and addictive behaviors, intentional injuries, and violence.

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Principles of Statistics

Principles of Statistics tests the understanding of the principles and concepts underlying higher-order statistics, continuous and discrete distributions, use of predictive statistics using the linear model, and confidence intervals.

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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice covers criminal behavior, police, the court system, sentencing issues, adult prison systems, and juvenile correction alternatives.

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Personal Finance

Personal Finance covers understanding of credit and debt, major purchases, taxes, insurance, investments and retirement and estate planning.

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Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems tests the knowledge of telecommunications, network security, systems analysis and design, business decision making, knowledge management, date warehousing, and data mining.

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Ethics in America

Ethics in America deals with ethical traditions and analysis in various relationships, embryonic stem-cell research, euthanasia, affirmative action, and capital punishment. Students have the option to write an essay to analyze a morally problematic situation in terms of issues relevant to a decision and arguments for alternative positions. DSST will not score the essay; however, for determining the award of credit, a copy of the essay will be forwarded to the designated college or university along with the score report.

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Principles of Supervision

Principles of Supervision deals with the roles and responsibilities of the supervisor. It involves planning, organization and staffing, directing at the supervisory level, legal issues, stress management, union environments, and quality concerns.

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Introduction to Business

Introduction to Business includes economic issues, international business, government and business, business ownership, entrepreneurship and franchise, management process, human resource management, production and operations, marketing management, financial management, risk management and insurance, and management of information systems.

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Principles of Finance

Principles of Finance deals with financial statements and planning, time value of money, working capital management, valuation and characteristics, capital budgeting, cost of capital, risk, and return.

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