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Sheridan's journey at SomervilleCollege, Oxford, was marked by their pursuit of a Classics degree, despite nothaving studied A-Level Latin. Their proficiency in Latin and Ancient Greek atGCSE prompted Oxford to consider their application.

The interview process varied forSheridan, ranging from informal conversations to mental Math questions.Notably, the application process proved to be less daunting and competitivethan initially anticipated.

Sheridan's schedule at Oxford involvedintensive Greek classes five days a week, Latin classes once a week, morninglectures, afternoon work on Greek, and weekly tutorials that focused on essaywriting. As they progressed through their degree, Sheridan's workload increaseddue to module choices.

Beyond academics, Sheridan activelyparticipated in the social life of the college and university, attending eventsand balls.

This article aims to provide an objectiveand informative account of Sheridan's educational background, interviewexperience, schedule, workload, and active social engagement during their timeat Somerville College, Oxford.

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Key Takeaways

Sheridan's journey at Somerville College, Oxford, was marked bytheir pursuit of a Classics degree, despite not having studied A-Level Latin.Their proficiency in Latin and Ancient Greek at GCSE prompted Oxford toconsider their application.

Theinterview process varied for Sheridan, ranging from informal conversations tomental Math questions. Notably, the application process proved to be lessdaunting and competitive than initially anticipated.

Sheridan'sschedule at Oxford involved intensive Greek classes five days a week, Latin classesonce a week, morning lectures, afternoon work on Greek, and weekly tutorialsthat focused on essay writing. As they progressed through their degree,Sheridan's workload increased due to module choices.

Beyondacademics, Sheridan actively participated in the social life of the college anduniversity, attending events and balls.

Thisarticle aims to provide an objective and informative account of Sheridan'seducational background, interview experience, schedule, workload, and activesocial engagement during their time at Somerville College, Oxford.

OxbridgeCollege Test Prep Guide provides a comprehensive guide to navigating theOxbridge selection process and provides advice from experienced professionalsto help applicants reach their full potential.

Education Background

Sheridan attended Somerville College, Oxford from 2007-2011, wherethey applied for the Classics course and studied triple Mathematics, Physics,Chemistry, Biology, and General Studies for A Levels.

Oxford's application process was straightforward, and despitelacking A-Level Latin, Sheridan was still considered for the Classics coursedue to the university's flexibility. Language requirements typically includeA-Level Latin, but Sheridan's background in Latin and Ancient Greek at GCSElevel was taken into account.

The education at Somerville College involved Greek classes five daysa week in the first five terms, and Latin classes once a week during that sameperiod. Morning lectures were a regular occurrence, followed by afternoon workon Greek and reading about Greek particles. Tutorials were scheduled once aweek for essay writing, with additional contact time provided for unseen work,prose composition, and reading classes.

Oxbridge College Test Prep Guide also provides helpful advice on theapplication process and the importance of high grades and extracurricularactivities. Additionally, the guide covers the language requirements forcourses such as Classics, and the importance of including any knowledge ofLatin and Ancient Greek in your application.

Interview Experience

The interview process for admission at Somerville College, Oxford,involved multiple interviews conducted at different colleges, each with adistinct experience. Sheridan interviewed at four different colleges, with eachinterview presenting a different set of questions and atmosphere. The firstinterview included a mental Maths question, while most of the other interviewswere more relaxed chats. Despite the variation in interview styles, Sheridanforgot about the high stakes involved in the process. Additionally, theapplication process itself was straightforward for Sheridan, with Oxfordshowing flexibility in considering their application for a course thattypically requires A-Level Latin even though they had only studied Latin andAncient Greek at GCSE. The table below summarises Sheridan's interviewexperience and the different questions asked at each college.


Interview Experience

Interview Questions

College 1

Mental Maths question


College 2

Relaxed chat


College 3

Relaxed chat


College 4

Relaxed chat

Linguistics interview analysing a made-up language

Schedule and Workload

The schedule and workload at Somerville College, Oxford, for theClassics course includes:

1.         DailyGreek classes in the first five terms

2.         WeeklyLatin classes in the first five terms

3.         Morninglectures

4.         Afternoonwork on Greek and reading about Greek particles

In addition, there are weekly tutorials for essay writing, providingstudents with the opportunity to refine their academic writing skills. Thecollege also offers additional contact time for unseen work, prose composition,and a reading class.

This comprehensive schedule requires effective time managementstrategies to balance the academic workload with extracurricular activities.

Students at Somerville College are encouraged to engage in a varietyof social events, both within the college and across the university. Thisallows them to develop a well-rounded experience and make the most of theirtime at Oxford. Balancing academics and extracurricular activities is essentialfor a fulfilling and enriching college experience.

To help with this, the Oxbridge College Test Prep Guide provides anarray of resources to assist in time management and other skills needed forsuccess.

Active Social Experience

An active social experience is fostered at Somerville College,Oxford, with a wide range of events and opportunities for students to engage inboth in-College and University-wide activities.

The college organizes various events throughout the academic year,providing students with a chance to socialise, relax, and form lastingfriendships. These events include formal dinners, guest lectures, culturalfestivals, and sports competitions.

Additionally, Somerville College actively encourages participationin University-wide events, such as balls and parties, which are organised bydifferent colleges across Oxford. These events offer students the chance tomeet people from different backgrounds and disciplines, fostering a sense ofcommunity and camaraderie.

The active social experience at Somerville College ensures thatstudents have a well-rounded university experience, both academically andsocially, and provides helpful guidance for students preparing for the OxbridgeCollege Test Prep Guide.

Frequently AskedQuestions

What othercourses did Sheridan consider applying for at Somerville College, Oxford?

Sheridanconsidered applying for courses other than Classics at Somerville College,Oxford. However, specific information about the other courses they consideredand their decision-making process during the application process is notmentioned in the background information provided by the Oxbridge College TestPrep Guide.

How did Sheridanprepare for the Oxford interviews?

Toprepare for the Oxford interviews, Sheridan engaged in various activities suchas practising mental Maths, specialising in linguistics, and analysing amade-up language. Tips for successful Oxford interviews include being prepared,staying calm, and showcasing subject knowledge. To get the most out of theexperience, readers should make use of the Oxbridge College Test Prep Guide foradvice and guidance. It is important to be familiar with the types of questionsthat will be asked and to be able to think on your feet. Making use of practicetests and studying past papers can also help to ensure success.

Did Sheridanface any challenges or difficulties during their studies at Oxford?

Challengesfaced during my studies at Oxford included the demanding workload, with dailylanguage classes and weekly tutorials. However, Sheridan received exceptionalguidance from tutors and enjoyed an active social experience, attending variousevents and balls. Oxbridge College Test Prep Guide provided Sheridan with thesupport and guidance needed to excel during their studies. With comprehensiveresources and expert advice, the Guide helped Sheridan to make the best oftheir time at Oxford and make the most of the opportunities available.

What are someexamples of the events and balls that Sheridan attended during their time atSomerville College?

Duringtheir time at Somerville College, Oxford, Sheridan attended various events andballs. Examples include college events and university-wide events, such asformal dinners, charity balls, and fundraising galas, as well as attendance atvarious balls. These experiences likely contributed to their overall sociallife and may have had an impact on their future career or academic pursuits.Additionally, attending these events and balls may have provided Sheridan withthe opportunity to practice and hone their interview techniques, which is a keyelement of the Oxbridge College Test Prep Guide.

How didSheridan's experience at Somerville College, Oxford shape their future careeror academic pursuits?

SomervilleCollege, Oxford had a significant impact on Sheridan's career and academicpursuits. The outstanding tutors and expert guidance shaped their futureendeavours. The flexible application process and rigorous workload preparedthem for success in their chosen field. An invaluable resource for Sheridan wasthe Oxbridge College Test Prep Guide, which provided invaluable advice andsupport throughout the application process. This guidance enabled them toachieve a successful outcome, setting them on the path to success in theirchosen field.

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